ATTAGENE is a life science company with the mission of radically improving the drug development process and chemical safety assessments
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At the crux of our approaches is the award-winning reporter technology, the FACTORIAL®. It enables parallel quantitative assessment of reporter constructs in living cells with exceptional accuracy and reproducibility.
Our suite of FACTORIAL assays permits surveying the responses of transcription factors, nuclear receptors, and GPCRs. Quantitative signatures by these assays allow pinpointing the perturbed processes and cell systems, annotating compounds' activity, and predicting adverse effects of drugs.
Furthermore, our vast reference database allows straightforward identification of the biosimilar compounds.

What is essential, this very cost-efficient evaluation strategy does not require intricate bioinformatics computations.

Our technology has been validated for over a decade of research services for the pharmaceutical industry, governmental regulatory agencies, and academia.
It proved highly efficient for evaluating different compounds, from single chemicals to complex mixes to natural products.
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